Reading Reflection – 7

The various articles addressing the differences between generations and their impact on present day situations was very interesting. It was also fascinating finding myself relate to the characteristic noted about the iGen generation. The article The Coddling of the American mind was particularly thought-provoking read. At first, I agreed with the authors statement, and I do believe […]

Reading Reflection – 6

The question posed, “Is design grad school worth it?”, challenged me to consider the experience of being in a design grad school. I cannot truthfully answer the question at present. However, I was most captivated by Cho’s description on Gretchen Mendoza’s grad school experience as he writes that it “helped her develop her own philosophy […]

Reading Reflection – 5

The subject of pricing is quite terrifying. Yet in society today, we need a good financial standing to live life and provide for others if need be. To be able to earn enough might even be how society determines an individual’s success. David Airey, author of Logo Design Love, lists a number of factors that determine […]

Reading Reflection – 4

I did not realize the importance of discussing ethics.  Mike Monteiro, author of A Designer’s Code of Ethics, Ethics can’t be a side hustle, andEthics and paying rent, writes passionately and honestly about living an ethical lifestyle. He describes a scenario to the reader, urging them to consider what it would be like if their mechanic or doctor […]

Reading Reflection – 3

The reading on Why is so much of design school a waste of time? was hard to chew on and even swallow. My first design and drawing classes at Judson had been brutal, every day my self-confidence was crushed during the daily critiques. Like the author in the article, I wondered whether I could do anything right. […]

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