Values Exercise


I value beauty, as life would be very boring without it. I love looking at the beautiful things God has made. I value the beauty of nature such as in a multi-colored sky, and a vast ocean of many hues. I value beauty in variety such as colors of feathers on a bird or shapes of a leaf. It simply takes my breath away. I value the beauty in people and in their brokenness. We are all imperfect, and I love watching the beauty in the realization that we are made perfect in Christ. There is so much beauty in the world, so much beauty in love and in the way people create things. I marvel at the beauty of my brother’s combination of musical notes on his guitar to make a melody that brings me to tears. I see beauty in a recipe of a favorite dish, and how that taste of the flavor can mean so much to you. I find that God has given us the gift of beauty to make life worth living. We are humbled by God’s beauty, and through that we find the beauty within ourselves and within the work we make.


I find happiness in bringing people happiness by doing serving them. I value the unconditional service that is done out of love and kindness — resembling what Christ has done for us. When someone performs an act of service without expecting anything in return it warms my heart to do the same to others. It is a human condition. It is how God has designed us: to be servants of Him and of each other. When we serve one another, we are humbled and recognize the value of one another. I believe service gives a person a sense of purpose. I believe service can be done for yourself too, as you are treated by the happiness the person felt at that moment and can celebrate their joy. I love it when I see a smile that I had a part in making.


In love, you can find redemption. We read a book in my literature class of a murderer that is redeemed by love. The moment the character understood he could love and was loved gave him a sense of hope — this scene brought me to tear in class because I felt what it must’ve felt like to feel that hope and redemption. It is an unexplainable feeling that forces us to be moved whether we like it or not. It is a force. Yet the same feeling can hurt you. It was very difficult to move away from my family because I love them. But I have found a different kind of love with my friends here at Judson which has partially helped me overcome that hurt. Love forces you to change. It forces you to sacrifice. It forces you to give. It forces you to live. Christ’s love is unfathomable, and that is the kind of love that we need and seek. It is the unconditional love that we need to show other too. What a difference the value of love can make. 


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